Escape the ordinary and find yourself immersed with ideas that take you to new places.

Steve offers insights and tools from unexpected places – unleashing wisdom that already resides within waiting and wanting to come out.

He inspires with stories that touch the heart and challenge the mind drawing on thousands of hours of guiding leaders and a deep well of mindful practices that fuel his own transformation.



Steve Romano, PhD
Managing Director, Executive Coach, Facilitator, and Speaker

Speaking Themes

Managing Stress from the Inside Out and Tales of the Treadmill Life

We become our worst fears trying to do it all and multitask our way through it!  Neuroscience reveals the consequences of keeping our brain on overload – hint, it is not good – and we wonder why we are so tired after a day of switching gears, roles, and projects!   We learn strategies to cultivate calm and focus, and lead from a place of courage, and anchor yourself in the most simple and powerful tool you have available, your breath. Are you ready to focus?

Letting go of Expectation and Leading through Turbulence

21st century leaders are at a crossroad – should we hold onto a natural tendency to control and manage circumstance or do we cultivate BEING and learn to lead (and follow) with greater ease and clarity?  Develop the ability to lead moment by moment with focus, calm, and poise (and a powerful pause).  Leading starts at the edge of your comfort zone and our Leading as a Way of BEING methodology™ presents a blueprint to shift your paradigm. It all starts within.

Embrace the Imperfect Leader as Coach – Listening is Power

The job of every leader is to be an effective coach. Coaching can motivate and inspire others and at the heart of being a great Coach is the ability to listen. Too often we default to prescribing and even dominating a coaching moment, and under value the power of the listening leader. Learn strategies that help you stay in the moment, even during challenging situations, and what the Triple Loop Listening model and neuroscience can teach us about listening and leading. Are you ready to shift?

Heal Thyself: Am I Officially Burned-out?

Leaders regularly feel high stress, yet too much stress over sustained periods without reflection and renewal can lead to burnout.  Burnout often results in feeling less connected with others, decreased productivity, and, frankly, a lack of joy in all facets of life. Learn to re-engage (with purpose and joy) through mindfulness-based strategies. We look holistically at ways to reduce exposure to stressors and re-ignite connections that matter.  Are you ready to heal thyself?  

Learn more about holistic based programs to deepen team leadership including Leading as a Way of Being™, MindTouch™, and EmotionGenius™, and TeamFuel™