Our services are aimed to harness your strengths and to get you moving in the direction of greater leadership freedom – that is, more capacity to problem solve and to create.

Given that up to 70% of today’s workforce reports a lack of emotional investment in their work, there is a clear opportunity to do leadership differently.

We believe that doing leadership right requires a whole-person investment – mental, emotional, physical, and personal. The BEING coupled with the DOING of leadership make for powerful partners. Closing this gap is our mission.

Our solution uses BEING as our driving principle through a 4-step methodology.
  1. Discover

    (explore current state as it relates to BEING, inventory and assess baseline for future action)

  2. Envision

    (conceive and explore new mindsets to manage and move through uncertainty and change)

  3. Engage

    (do the work – integrate strategies and tools to increase performance to measure progress)

  4. Sustain

    (measure results, adjust, and build for the long term)

We are uniquely positioned to offer expertise with following services.
Coaching and Assessment

We coach leaders using a 6-step process that is agile yet comprehensive and designed to transform.

Each step of the process is a deliberate opportunity to achieve extraordinary results.

We are practical and client-centered. We begin with where you are and select assessments, use proven strategies, and action planning to develop mindsets, behaviors, and habits that last.

We work with leaders who are already successful and make them even better – for themselves, their people and teams.

Coaching is an excellent solution for:

  • leaders experiencing change and transition
  • high potentials looking to accelerate their development and performance
  • team leaders desiring to increase their leadership effectiveness
  • managing stress and burnout and incorporating holistic strategies for leadership
We offer three types of coaching programs tailored to your needs and goals.
Jump Start
A targeted program to spur new mindsets, behaviors, and habits for performance and well-being.
A specialized program for leaders experiencing burn-out to better manage stress, relationships, and energy.
A comprehensive program with a focus on renewal, value and behavior alignment, and sustainable leadership.
30-minute Complimentary Consultation

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Leadership Development and Team Performance

Olistica brings deep leadership development expertise combining decades of practical application and leading research.  We offer two types of solutions.

  1. Custom design and development
  2. Pre-designed with option to add customization


We take pride in getting to the root of what matters most to you. We partner and develop a plan that reflects your goals and design applications to accelerate performance.

Popular leadership programs:

  • Leading with emotional intelligence
  • Managing difference and conflict skillfully
  • Creating cultures of accountability and empowerment
  • Influencing and leading without authority
  • Understanding and managing personality and work styles
  • Coaching for performance and providing effective feedback
  • Leading change and managing transitions

We move beyond surface level assumptions and get to the values and beliefs, mindsets, and habits that drive us. We create meaningful behavior change.

Pre-designed with the option to add customization.

Facilitative Leadership® is a people–centered, quality and results driven process of developing and supporting a culture to reach goal achievement through an effective relational processes. This highly collaborative and powerful program introduces 7 distinct leadership practices.

You develop clarity on how to best leverage your leadership style, how to balance the process of achieving results, process, and relationships, getting others to reach agreement through empowering and accountability, and using an inspiring vision to guide and coach others.   It’s a complete program!

Facilitative Leadership® is for people and project leaders alike. Workshops are tailored to client needs and vary from half-day to 2-days in length, and include leadership assessment and coaching.

Leading as a Way of Being™

LWB™ is a flagship program based on original research. The program is designed to provide leaders with strategies and tools to respond to change and uncertainty using the BEING methodology.

The BEING model.

B – Breath. Developing breath awareness and the ability to coordinate.

E – Energy. Integrating 4-key realms of vitality – emotional, mental, physical, personal.

I – Investigate. Uncovering values and beliefs that drive motivation.

N – Navigate. Managing external circumstance characterized by uncertainty and change.

G – Generate. Producing new listening paradigms to direct attention.


LWB™ multi-faceted approach incorporates rich assessment, breathing and listening practices, visualization, and body-awareness techniques. Reflection, meditation, dialogue, and action planning all within one’s leadership context is central to accelerating learning.

EmotionGenius™ (Leading with Emotional Intelligence)

Why is EQ so important?  Because your success as a leader depends on it.  EI can be learned, measured, and sustained.  It is a scientifically validated skillset that unleashes your effectiveness as a leader and promotes wellbeing.  In fact, EI accounts for up to 50% of your success.

We offer speaking engagements, team and group workshops, and 1:1 coaching to give you the leadership edge you have been looking for.

Program content includes:

  • Fundamentals of EI – why it matters
  • Assessing emotional intelligence and developing an impactful plan
  • Self-awareness and managing emotions
  • Social-awareness and interpersonal effectiveness
  • Team leadership, collaboration, and the authentic leader

Today’s today are dispersed, networked, digital, global, and dynamic where change is the norm. Teams that thrive are energized about their direction, plugged into others, and hold peers accountable.  Trust flourishes and results happen.  TeamFuel™ gives you the momentum you seek.

The TeamFuel™ methodology is guided by 5-key questions.

Are we heading in the right direction?
Goals and shared purpose

Are we meeting expectations?
Roles and expectations

Are we aligned?
Team protocols, interdependencies, and processes

Are we thriving?
Achieving milestones and results, learning and adapting

Are we building for success?
Structure, skills, and capabilities to succeed

Individual and Group Retreats

Retreats are powerful ways to transform your leadership.  Leaders come to us when their energy is low, stress is high, and problem solving skills taxed. We offer a proven process to get you moving in the direction of success and wellbeing.

We offer two types of retreat formats.
1Individual based
2Group based

Whether you are looking for a highly specialized approach, or one that gives you the chance to interact with really interesting people, let’s figure out the best path for you.

Here are the outcomes we aim for:

  • Uncover thinking patterns and mindsets that decrease effectiveness and wellbeing
  • Learn to rewire habitual thinking that drain your potential with new strategies
  • Learn how to handle conflict and difficult circumstance with greater calm and focus
  • Build resilience, increase creativity and problem solve and leave refreshed and centered

Individual-based retreats

We tailor the experience to meet your needs and we build for the long-term.  This highly customized program is structured in ways that speak to you.  An integral part of the process is 1:1 coaching to make sense of your experience and accelerate your focus and growth.

Advantages of individual retreats include:

  • 1:1 coaching to reach your goals
  • Uses a proven and research-based methodologies
  • Catapult your performance and wellbeing
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Group-based retreats

We use a proven methodology – the BEING leadership framework.  You experience a paradigm shift so you can better manage attention and energy, make wise decisions, deal with uncertainty, and use whole-person listening strategies.  Plus, you get to interact with really interesting people.

Advantages of group retreats include:

  • Organized 2-times annually in Encinitas, California 
  • Integrates a proven inside out methodology – the BEING process
  • 1:1 Coaching options to tailor the experience
  • Accelerate cohesion, trust, and alignment for teams

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